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Selected Works in Progress
Skilled Immigration restrictions as a growth barrier for young firms (with Federico Mandelman and Hewei Shen)
(Preliminary draft available on request)
Which Startups benefit most from Global Talent (with Yang Fan, Lubomir Litov, and Mu-Jeung Yang)

Home Market Effects and Increasing Returns with Non-Constant Marginal Costs(with Nahyeon Bak and Daisoon Kim)

(R&R, Journal of Economic Geography)

Policy Reports/Book Chapters

Upgrading in the Indian garment industry: a study of three clusters (with Saon Ray and Prithvijit Mukherjee) 

Asian Development Bank Economics Working Paper Series No. 43, April 2016 

India-Pakistan: Trade Perception Survey (with Taneja et al.)

India-Pakistan Trade: Strengthening Economic Relations (pp. 71-126), Springer, August 2014

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