Skilled Immigration, Offshoring, and Trade (updated draft) (with Daisoon Kim)

Accepted, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Selected Works in Progress

Heterogeneous Market Structure and International Trade Patterns (with Nahyeon Bak and Daisoon Kim)

(updated draft coming soon)

Skilled Immigration Policy and Lost Benefits to Young Firms  (with Federico Mandelman and Hewei Shen)
Policy Reports/Book Chapters
  • "Upgrading in the Indian garment industry: a study of three clusters" (with Saon Ray and Prithvijit Mukherjee), Asian Development Bank Economics Working Paper Series No. 43, April 2016. SSRN: (link)

  • "Normalizing India-Pakistan Trade" (with Taneja et al.), in India Pakistan Trade: Strengthening Economic Relations (pp. 13-45), Springer, August 2014

  • "India-Pakistan: Trade Perception Survey" (with Taneja et al.), in India-Pakistan Trade: Strengthening Economic Relations (pp. 71-126), Springer, August 2014